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  • Do you support other than English Language?
    At ScriboWriter, we value and embrace the unique richness of language diversity. We recognize the significance of effectively connecting with your audience in their native tongue. That's why we take pride in providing support for not just English, but 10 other languages as well. This enables you to seamlessly communicate with people from different corners of the world, breaking through language barriers and establishing meaningful connections. Our dedication to linguistic inclusivity reflects in our commitment to serve you with excellence and professionalism. Let us help you make your message heard, loud and clear, in the universal language of words. Here are the Languages we currently support: English, Spanish, French, Germany, and Portuguese.
  • Does ScriboWriter generate original content?
    At ScriboWriter, we take great pride in our ability to deliver not only top-quality content, but also content that is completely original. Our state-of-the-art algorithms work tirelessly to ensure that every piece of text generated through our platform is uniquely suited to your specific needs and requirements. That's right - each and every word produced by ScriboWriter is completely original. We understand the importance of helping our clients create content that is both engaging and distinct, effectively capturing the essence of their brand. And for added peace of mind, we welcome you to verify the originality of our content using your preferred plagiarism checker. Rest assured that with ScriboWriter, your content will always be unique, compelling, and truly reflective of your brand's voice - delivered with a professional tone in flawless English.
  • How to customize the email?
    To customize your email using the ScriboWriter, log in to the application and follow the guidelines below: Step 1: Log in to the ScriboWriter application and navigate to the email customization page. Step 2: Select the desired email template and enter your desired text. Step 3: Preview your email and check for errors. Once you are satisfied with the content, click "Generate Email". Hence the email will be generated.
  • How to use predefined template?
    To use the predefined email template using the ScriboWriter, log in to the application and follow the guidelines below: Step 1: Log in to the ScriboWriter application and navigate to the email customization page (Hyper link) Step 2: Select Use Template and choose the template. Step 3: Select the Language and Tone and click on “Generate Email”. Hence the email will be generated.
  • Do you offer Free plan?
    Yes, we do offer free plan which is forever free*.
  • What is difference between free and paid?
    There is a contrast between the free and paid versions. In the free version, only 10,000 characters can be generated, whereas the paid version allows you to generate unlimited characters. Switching to the paid version can offer endless possibilities for character generation.
  • How to cancel the Account?
    We regret to learn that you are contemplating on ending your subscription with ScriboWriter. It's disheartening for us to hear this. However, please bear in mind that you have the liberty to deactivate your account anytime within our app. Here's an effortless guide in carrying out the cancellation process: Click on the Gear Icon > My Account > My Subscription > Cancel the subscription.
  • How to Delete the account?
    We are sorry to know that you wanted to delete the account with ScriboWriter. Click on the Gear Icon > Manage Account > Delete Account and submit the ticket. Once you submitted the ticket, our team will get in touch with you.

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